Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment

In accordance with section 11 of the Children First Act 2015 and with the requirement of Chapter 8 of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017, the following is the Written Risk Assessment of Gaelscoil Bhréifne:     

List of school activities

A. Arrival and dispersal of pupils
B. Breaks-morning and lunch time
C. One-to-One teaching
D. Sporting Activities in School
E. School Trips – overnight stays
F. School Transport
G. Managing challenging behaviour
H. Administration of First Aid
I. External Personnel
J. Pupils perceived to be LGBT
K. Use of IT in school

The school has identified the following risk of harm in respect of its activities

A. Accident/goes missing/leaves hall/argument or dispute with another pupil
B. Accident/fall/sick/fight
C. Child uncomfortable/unnecessary punishment-verbal or physical
D. Accident/Lack of supervision
E. Lack of supervision/unvetted personnel
F. Inadequate supervision/no seat belts/bus unsafe
G. Risk to other children or staff member
H. Lack of knowledge/know-how
I. Not Garda-vetted/not suited to dealing with children
J. Bullying/name calling/isolation
K. Access to unsuitable material

The school has the following procedures in place to address the risks of harm identified in this assessment

A. School starts at 8:30am
B. All yards fully supervised by one adult members of staff
C. Gaelscoil 1-to-1 teaching policy in place
D. Adequate supervision/Health & Safety Policy
E. Stay-Safe, RSE + substance abuse awareness
F. Buses up to standard/inspected by School Transport Body
G. Discipline for Learning Policy: non aggressive response/intervention
H. Adhere to policy in place and any staff training given
I. External personnel to be Garda-Vetted
J. Follow bullying policy in place
K. Policy in place and firewall security maintained by Schools Broadband Desk.

Important Note:  It should be noted that risk in the context of this risk assessment is the risk of “harm” as defined in the Children First Act 2015 and not general health and safety risk. The definition of harm is set out in Chapter 4 of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017.

In undertaking this risk assessment, the board of management has endeavoured to identify as far as possible the risks of harm that are relevant to this school and to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to manage all risks identified. While it is not possible to foresee and remove all risk of harm, the school has in place the procedures listed in this risk assessment to manage and reduce risk to the greatest possible extent.


Má tá eolas breise uait faoin scoil nó faoinár bpolasaithe iontrála, nó má tá aon cheist agat, bí i dteagmháil linn inniu.

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